Class of 2010!

10 Jun

Today is our last full day of school. I am pretty happy that school is done, and that I will me in high school! Tomorrow is graduation, and I can’t wait! I hope every one has a great Summer, and good luck in highs school .


I’m Back!

7 Jun

I am back in school today, the last week of school! I am so happy that I am feeling better after my surgery. My throat hurts a little but I am fine with it, it isn’t as bad as the first three days!


28 May

MY phone got stolen about three days ago. It sucks. I really wish I had more phone, better yet find the person who took my phone. Who ever took it is pretty pathetic, and I mean it!! geeze!

june 1st

25 May

June first is my surgery. I can’t wait to see how my voice changes. Though I am scared.


20 May

today is not my day. I forgot everything at home today. Now I have to try and get everything don again! I just feel really sick today, and I have a headache. I kind of feel like throwing up. talk to me!

Good day.

18 May

today I am having a good day. I haven’t gotten an attitude. I got all my work done, and turned everything in! I’m proud haha.

Blue Ha Hoo.

17 May

Today I have a softball game. We play against Morgandale. They are undefeated. And they are super hard to beat!